Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bad Choices

For the past year or so, I've been living with the consequence of some bad choices. Choosing to marry the person I married was probably the biggest and the associated turmoil probably played some role in the other choices.

Overloading myself with too many classes in the Spring quarter was another bad choice. Together with my personal grievense negatively affected my ability to do a good summer job search. I ended up only applying to three companies with not so much preparation. But the worse effect they had was he wrong person to marry was probably the biggest. I was also very passive in my GMIX search, only applying to one company after being approached by a classmate who was involved with it.

However, I believe the summer, although not the greatest on the professional level, it helped me recover some of my personal peace of mind.

The really bad effect that these choices had is on my selections for the second year classes. While enterpreneurship / technology are among the main reasons i choose Stanford GSB, I am missing all the big shot course in this area. This means that i will unnecessarily have to compensate for that outside the class.

Sometimes i think there is always a learning behind every wrong decision. It is true that we tend to stop and evaluate our choices when things go wrong, and we don't always do the same when we're up at the sky. But that can't be a valid argument, and I am sure smart people manage to learn from their good decisions as well

The harder part is when you think that whatever happened is not the result of your choice. It is God's destiny. Regardless your choices, the result is prescribed. I went to Yahoo not because i didn't do a good job search and ended up choosing Yahoo, but because that's what God wanted for me for some reason i still don't know.

Although i believe in this las thought, it is a very dangerous one. If that the result is not relevant to the decision, how is one expected to learn from the experience?

Anyways, with benefit of hindsight here are some choices i would have made differently:
- Getting married
- Not finalizing the divorce immediately
- Not exempting the Modeling class
- Super rounding Grosbeck and Leadership Perspective
- Having "Brand Planing" as a top choice in my fall electives
- Not applying to more companies, especially Apple and eBay.
- Spending little time on GMIX search

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