Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can Egypt Attract Health Tourism?

It's a growing industry that in 2000 was estimated at more than $40 billion and was growing at 20%. It is by countries like India, Thailand, South Africa, and Jordan. Jordan attracted 126,000 patients generating more than $600,000. I am continuously impressed by what Jordanians are doing.

Travelers come from different places for different reasons; from developed country like the US and the UK because of the high cost of health care or the long waiting lists; from underdeveloped countries seeking health services at their more developed neighbours; and from rich oil countries seeking best in class health treatment.

My guess is that Egypt have some potential in this domain. I bet we have highly qualified doctors. We have lots of destinations in Egypt that can provide a haven for recovery. We do have the money to make the investments. What do we lack?

I always hear how bad Egypt is in Nursing. I think if we can solve this problem we stand a good chance of creating a new considerable source of national income.