Sunday, January 20, 2008

Can Egypt Attract Health Tourism?

It's a growing industry that in 2000 was estimated at more than $40 billion and was growing at 20%. It is by countries like India, Thailand, South Africa, and Jordan. Jordan attracted 126,000 patients generating more than $600,000. I am continuously impressed by what Jordanians are doing.

Travelers come from different places for different reasons; from developed country like the US and the UK because of the high cost of health care or the long waiting lists; from underdeveloped countries seeking health services at their more developed neighbours; and from rich oil countries seeking best in class health treatment.

My guess is that Egypt have some potential in this domain. I bet we have highly qualified doctors. We have lots of destinations in Egypt that can provide a haven for recovery. We do have the money to make the investments. What do we lack?

I always hear how bad Egypt is in Nursing. I think if we can solve this problem we stand a good chance of creating a new considerable source of national income.

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Seba3y said...

Um, more importantly, Egypt lacks any notion of medical standard process, the minister of health admitted that we are still in the 70s process wise, doctors routinely rely on their educated guess rather than on a systematic, standardized diagnosis process. Hospitals dont keep (or disclose) any statistics on success rates of procedures, hospital infection rates, etc. All those are much more important than nursing IMHO.