Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Waiting to Call-in a Radio Show!

Yes, I have to call-in a live radio show before i go to class today and if i get in there is extra bonus. The problem is I don't listen to the radio here, and I don't even have a radio. So i went and borrowed one yesterday, and today I'll surf the different stations looking for a call-in show.

This is part of my - Design School - class. Its a boot camp - whatever that means - titled "Experiences in Innovation and Design Thinking". Although this class pushes me a lot of times outside my comfort zone, so far the least that can be said is that it is inspirational. It has the most creative teaching team I've ever seen, and the most non-traditional working environment. Each time i go to our class I am excited to see how they will run the class.

I probably won't end up doing design at this level of detail when I graduate. However, I think I'll understand more how to build an organization that is geared towards innovation.

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