Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aِِِn Unexpected Dissapointment

Since the shameless constitutional adjustments made by the ruling Democratic party in Egypt is not something new, it wasn't unexpected. My disappointment comes from how the Muslim Brothers have reacted - considering they are the only sizable opposition now.

First, they boycott the vote in the parliament. Even if they disagree their job is to voice their opinion. This seemed to me as a way of preventing the democratic process that they are supposed to be part of. If they think its useless they can give up their parliamentary seats.

Second, and more disappointing, trying to promote people to follow their position as a mater of religious duty. A REGLIOUS DUTY!! This is purely a matter of political tactics, and this si a cheep way of trying to manipulate people using Islam.

This only strengthens the fear of many of mixing state and religion. I thought MB had a different vision that what was revealed in this incident. I personally i am starting to questioning the idea of an Islamic State which i used to fancy.

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