Thursday, June 14, 2007

Even worse than i expected :(

I just got my Spring results which don't look so good. I knew that was a bad quarter, but results were even worse than what i expected - I got an LP for the first time.

Although grades are not that important at the GSB, I know that this drop in performance is not just in grades, but in mostly everything - in class and out of class, at school and at out of school.

I feel so pissed off at myself. I can't blame this on the difficulties i had in my personal life. I helped screw things up, I was weak, irresponsible, and didn't maintain self respect.

Now i need and ask God for forgiveness. How many times have I done that? How long will it take me to do the same mistakes again? I start work tomorrow, a new context, new relations, how will i behave? how will my mind behave?

"Same7ny Ya Rab... E'3ferly Ya Rab"

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