Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why does each eye see the world differently?

If you pick Abdullah from a coffee shop in Cairo or Akbar from a busy street in Kabul, and ask them how they feel about the Serbs vigerous opposition to Kosovo's independance, what will they say? Probably not very different than what they would have said a few years earlier about Russia's veroucious resistance to Chechnia's independance.

Now take that same Abduallah or that devot Akbar and ask them about how they feel about the American's advocation for Kurds independence in northern Iraq or the autonomy granted to Southern Sudan that could lead to independences. You won't be surprised to hear reference to conspiracy theories and western plans for a new middle east.

But it is not just Adbuallah and Akbar that seem to have double standards depending on which side they are ...

A couple of days ago I was listening to a podcast from BBC world's news. It was covering Turkey's invasion of northern Iraq in chase of Kurds. They were interviewing some foreign affairs person who in his comments said something along the lines of "Turkey has to realize that it many conflicts are better solved by diplomacy rather than military enforcement". This is someone talking about solving problems with "Iraq" through "Diplomacy" not "War". Now the question is which country do you think this person represents?

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