Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Cities In the Making

What should we build for the future. Two cities are currently in the making that will last for the coming 15 years or so. Two multi-billion dollar investments to build cities the size of new york.

The first is said to be built to international standards. It has a Villas district with beautiful big houses with private pools and close to large golf courses. It will have a fancy financial district with neighbouring parks and recreational centers. The city center will have pretty office buildings and big brand shops. Restaurants look like you are in metropolis Paris. And it will ofcourse have schools and branches of big universities.

The second is said to be a new hub of education, technology, business, and culture. It will have an airport district, an IT district, a University district, and a Bio Tech district.
It will be a green city that will use renewable sources of energy, wind, solar, and geothermal. It will also be a green city in the sense that it will be also a city of parks and open green spaces.

One of these cities will be in Egypt and the other will be in India.

Take a few minutes to look at these two short clips to see how each country is shaping its future.

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