Saturday, March 08, 2008

Media Fuels Hartred "Both Ways"

When i met my American friend i told him i am angry at Egypt, Israel, and the US. He told me what has happened for that, and i told him that is exactly the problem. He doesn't know what has happened.

While the Arab world is at rage in response to the late Israeli attacks on Gaza and the killing of over 120 palestinians including children, women, and elderly. It was barely covered in the US media. I switched between Fox and CNN hoping I will see any coverage but there was none. On the other side, scores of famous singers were teaming up to, rightfully, express the grief and sense of humilation that arabs and muslims are feeling.

But on Thursday, as i was passing by upper arbuckle, our small launge at the GSB, i noticed some people standing next to the big LCD screens watching CNN's breaking news about the Jerusalem attacks on 8 Israeli students. This wasn't a one shot coverage, the CNN would switch to the breaking news quite frequently that day. I wasn't surprised when I overheard some of my classmates discussing the event. I turned to what i assume is a moderate newspaper to see what they are covering and shockingly i couldn't find any coverage on their main page.

What a disconnect?! How can this do anything but ignite each side's hostile feelings and call for blind fury. Unless both sides can see the suffering of the other, there are almost no chances that this will come to an end.

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