Friday, April 20, 2007

Stanford gets me to volunteer for charity

After 7 months of being surrounded by so many charitable activities, yesterday I volunteered at the Special Olympics Tennis Clinic. This is the first time I do such an activity.

People can be innovative even in Charity. The primary reasons that got me to do that was completing my hours for the Challenge for Charity (C4C) weekend. The C4C is basically a competition between west coast MBA programs to volunteer and raise money for Special Olympics. It ends by a fun weekend where the schools have various sports competitions.

It was a valuable experience. It was good to leave my own world for a while and peek into another world. Taking care of such disabled kids must be a huge challenge for their parents. It must embody huge emotional stress. It is difficult to know how the kids themselves feel.

Finally, it was also nice to join other gsber's in a different context other than class or typical socializing gatherings. They were great in trying to make the kids have a nice time.

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