Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Trials of Henry Kissinger

To most people in the middle east, Henry Kissinger is best known for being the man behind the end of the Egyptian Israeli 1973 war. For me, this - accompanied by his deep and confident voice - attracted my attention whenever he's interviewed on international diplomacy.

Using the amazing stumblevideo, i stumbled upon an interesting documentary titled "The trials of Henry Kissinger". The documentary criticizes Kissinger's diplomacy and accuses him of war crimes in Vietnam, Cambodia, Timor, and Chile. The documentary was featured and probably broadcasted on BBC four.

One of its main themes is how Kissinger secretly orchestrated unauthorized US involvement in different wars and covert activities against undesirable regimes. Seymour Hirsh comments , "The dark side of Henry Kissinger is so dark".

The documentary then eludes to US not joining the international criminal court to avoid having it's formal officials stand in front of it. Kissinger comments, "the average person thinks that morality can be applied as directly to the conduct of states to each other as it can to human relations, that is not always the case because sometimes statesmen have to chose among evils"

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