Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Greedy me. Missed the 3.

Today i wanted to attend three very interesting events.

First, there was a panel at the GSB of members from VC firms Sand Hill Angels, Charles River Ventures, and August Capital. It was about seed financing and whether to go to angels, VC, or both.

Second, there was a talk08 by Nir Ayal - one of my classmates - about his clean energy startup. I wanted to know more about the direction towards alternative energy.

Finally, there was a talk on campus by a guy called Mohsin Hamid. He is a pakastani Author. He was going to talk about his book "The Reluctant Fundamentalist". I always find it interesting to attend such talks and see people's perspective about these topics in the US.

I had them in my schedule but i attended non of them. I ended up doing grocery shopping instead.

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