Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dinner with Arab GSBer's

It was a nice chance to meet some of the Arabs from 2nd year before they leave school. Leila (Syria/US), Najla (UAE), and Atsuko(Japan) & Razmig (Egypt) first went to "Yakubian Building" and then i met them at dinner at the Ferry Building in San Francisco. We were initially aiming at eating "Mulukhia" at an Egyptian restaurant but unfortanetly it was under renovation.

These are actually more Arabs - Myriam (Morrocco) and Hany (Lebanon) from 1st year and Nader (Egypt) and Hoda (UAE) from 2nd year. But most of them couldn't make it.

Everyone was very friendly and we had a very nice chat over dinner - although the topics might seem rather serious; Women' suppression in Iran, Controlled Media, Neglect of Africa, and sexual harassments in the streets of Egypt and Lebanon.

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