Thursday, May 17, 2007

Faces from Egypt

This thought came to me when i was preparing for the international party at the GSB. Who are the ppl that are most likely to impact Egyptians life at different levels. Here are the people that came to my mind:

1- Gamal Mubarak. Will he be Egypt's next President?

2- Amr Khaled. Will he survive the attacks of traditional scholars?

3- Naguib Sawiris. How bigger/richer can he get?

4- Amr Adeeb. Will Egyptians stay addicted to his show?

5- Hakeem. How did he manage to sing to Noble Laureates as well as the street man?

6- Abu Trekia. Can Egypt come close to world class football?

7- Zewail - Will he ever be able to do his research at home?

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