Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ibrahim Al Mojel, a Muslim @ Stanford

Ibrahim Al-Mojel is one of the people I got to know and is worth mentioning when speaking of the Muslim community at Stanford. He's a grad student from Saudi Arabia and appears to be an energetic, dedicated, and persistent visionary person.

The last week witnessed a great achievement by Ibrahim as he was the man behind the first Muslim Enterpreneurship Award that was honored by having Nobel Laureate Dr. Ahmed Zeweil as its first recipient.

On Wednesday the award ceremony was held, projectiing a different image about Muslims to some elite members of the Stanford community and making Muslims more proud.

Ibrahim's character reminds me with Muhammad Mu7tasib, another Saudi Arabian i liked very much. Both have this extra hyper energy, sky reaching ambition, open minded, extremely eloquent - a little peotry wouldn't hurt, and they have this exceptional sense of humor.

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