Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The "Follow Ur Passion" prescription!

Today Nancy Barry, CEO of women world bank, came to the GSB and shared with us some of her life lessons. The first was to Follow Our Passions. She was clearly discouraging people from taking an initial path they're not passionate about just to be able to support another path that we're passionate about at a later stage. She believes that people who go into investment banking planning on moving to non-profit later rarely make the move. She thinks it is very pitiful to reach ur 50's having been a very successful business leader and start searching for a meaning to ur life.

This is not the first time i get the "follow ur passion" prescription. John Dohr told me the same thing when i asked him how to decide which path to follow. But I wonder what is it u should be passionate about. Is it the goals? Or the means? Both might be the perfect answer, but what if u don't have that option?

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