Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why do i believe in God?

Initially that is what i am indistinctly inclined to believe. Whether this is natural instinct or a result of my up brining, i can't tell for sure. But also when i try to think it over the world seems to be a very well coordinated creation that there must be a creator.

I don't know the specific argument against the nonexistence of God. I guess it is based on evolution and that at some stage we had a primary form of life - Amoeba - and then natural selection kicked in.

Two things make me not buy into this argument. The first is that for every scenario that could take a basic form of life thru a complicated evolutionary process until we reach the order we have today, there are millions or trillions of paths that could lead to chaos. It's just probabilistically impossible.

The second is that despite the differences within different species there is still a great level of homogeneity that can't be unintentional. For instance, why aren't there humans with 3 eyes, 4 ears, or 5 hands? It doesn't seem they are functionally disabling, so u would expect so from a random process.


Ahmed said...

>"I don't know the specific argument against the nonexistence of God"

Ziad, do you think there could ever be such a proof? as an "Absurdist" my answer would be a big "No".

Ziad Mokhtar said...

Ahmed, I agree that there could be no proof, otherwise it wouldn't have been called "belief".

But at the same time there should be substantial evidence.