Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Friendly Factor

Here is one thing i miss about Egypt. U meet a stranger for the first time, probably for the last time, in a random public setting, but it doesn't take you minutes maybe seconds to talk like friends. You quickly make jokes, might offer to help, and u r will most likely look for each other when u leave to say good bye. This doesn't seem to be the norm in America.

In Egypt, if u go on a day trip with someone, or even just play a game of football, the next time you meet u might great each other as lifetime friends. In America, you might get a very brief high, not to mention that you can be completely avoided.

There is something about this friendly attitude of Egyptians that develops in minutes that i miss. I am aware that's very different than friendship, nothing substantial can really come out of it. But it makes life despite its many inconveniences and difficulties more "friendly".

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