Sunday, July 08, 2007

US Military Spending

How does the US choose to be the worlds super power? Is it by lue of being the richest of the worlds economies? or by having the strongest military power?

The fact is that definitely thru both. The US forms 27% of the worlds' GDP. A balanced approach economy/military would suggest a similar proportional in terms of military spending. But the fact is that the US forms 45.7% of the worlds' defense spending.

Looking at the other countries with the largest military budgets: Britain contributes by 4.9% of world's GDP and 5.1% of world's defense spending, France contributes by 4.6% Vs. 4.6%, China by 4.3% Vs. 5.5%, and Japan by 3.8% Vs. 9.8%.

Does this clearly suggest that it is the military force that's driving the US world dominance more profoundly than it's economy.

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