Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Getting more out of my internship

I've been feeling i am not making the best out of my internship. This is not to say i am not excited about the project i am assigned to. It is more that i don't feel i am applying much of what i learned at school. This is partly because the nature of a project deals with relatively new concepts that have very little theory behind them. At the same time, I am not consciously trying to bridge the gap between what i've learned and what i am doing. What i think i should do is go back and revisit the key learning from two or three of my courses - most probably Strategy, Marketing and maybe OB - and see how can they fit with my current project.

If they don't, then what i do is i find chances where i could talk with people at Yahoo! who are doing things that fit within the scope of these key learnings, and either have some long/regular chats with them, or even audit some of their projects. I already talked with my manager about that and she welcomed the idea.

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