Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just & Generous

If u ever think life has been unjust to u, think again. Think again and remember that life is not a random event, it's the will of a Just God. Not just the most Just but also the most Generous.

Not only are the misfortunes we face - what we might think of as the miseries of our lives - balanced by God's countless gifts to us, but they are also nothing if compared to the bad deeds we commit repeatedly despite those gifts.

At some point in my life i felt bad because i was deprived of a close relation with and support of a dedicated father. But on the other hand i had the most dedicated mother - God's gift. On the other hand, i sometimes gave her really hard time - my own bad deed. More than that, others might have suffered an abusive father.

At different point in my career and also my study, i didn't get the result i felt i deserved. But to start with, it was a privelage to be in a position to expect those results. And almost invariably whenever the results were very bad, i was not on good virtuous standing.

And coming out of a failed marriage - an experience that leaves a bitter taste - that put me under the control of people who i hold the least respect to, i think of different people i've hurt or taken advantage of, whether for the sake of some personal satisfaction or out of sheer insensibility.

I've definitely got more than i deserve.

Just and Generous is our God.

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