Friday, July 06, 2007

What it takes?

A few days ago, I was happy to know that my former company -eSpace - is making progress towards kicking off its new products development. Going back to consumer products was the central theme of the company's vision as i was leaving a year ago and as Medo was stepping up as the new general manager.

Considering the lack of highly skilled caliber and being constantly under the pressure of demanding clients, I know how hard it is to stay committed to this vision and reach that point. This only shows the kind of intrisic motivation the current leadership has. It was easy to give in under those pressures. This is especially true if u look around and find that u r far beyond the average. But that's not what leaders do. Leaders set standards. Leaders never look below.

It would take such leaders to take the country where we all want. They choose to take Egypt where they want rather than letting Egypt take them where it is. The would not settle for an above average position.

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